Weekly Art Class

Student Dolores working on her painting

Tuesday 20th May 2014
Weekly Art Class – Beginners to Advanced (2 hours x 6 weeks)
Capparoe, Scariff 7 – 9 pm
Cost: €90- (materials not included)

An ongoing weekly art class designed to give participants the building blocks of techniques and approaches to making art. Through a 6 week course we will cover observation, line and form, expressive mark making, composition, colour mixing and tone. Becoming familiar with these principles really helps to build confidence in creating your own art.

The benefit of being part of a regular group is not just the weekly practice of working on your art, but also the exposure to other peoples approaches and ideas about art, creating a dynamic and supportive environment. Sessions will include practical exercises and individual guidance and support to each participant as they explore their own areas of interest.

We will be working through pencil, ink and paint. A list of basic materials needed is available. Suitable for beginners to advanced.