Author: Nathalie el Baba

Reaching Out

Keeping connected during the lockdowns has had it’s challenges. Life has slowed down for many of us, with that strange mixture of more time to stop and talk but unable to actually meet people. Some things definitely feel upside down!

The Day Care Centre at Raheen Hospital has been closed since March 2020, the weekly activities put on hold til safer times. I know those of us who work there, and those who attend, are missing the friendly faces and welcoming environment.

A few weeks ago we decided to reach out and see if people would be interested in receiving activities to do at home. What a big hit it is proving to be! Every week a pack is sent out, and each week I receive back lovely photos of people ‘working from home’, as one woman put it.

It is heart warming and reaffirming to see how important staying connected is, despite the hurdles.

Preparing the Outdoor Space

So no visitors to the studio at the moment but staying hopeful that things will change going forward. Spring is in the air and time to get busy outside.
Like many who’s lives have been put on hold, my adult children have at times all found themselves back at home. That energy has to go somewhere and the garden has never been so busy!

My son has built me beautiful stone raised flower beds outside my studio. The space is transforming. I’m choosing swathes of colours and lots of pollinator friendly flowers that I hope keep the hive of bees living In the roof of my studio nourished!

It’s looking good, I can’t wait to see it in full bloom.

First Story Exchange

February saw me undertake my first Story Exchange as a trained facilitator. I can’t remember ever being so nervous about facilitating something! Prep, prep, prep… but once we got going it found it’s own rhythm and I began to relax.

It was a good decision to do this first one with a youth group and youth worker I already knew. Am so grateful to them for being open and willing participants. It was a precious experience that I’m glad to say has left everyone open to do more.

To find out more about the movement of story exchanges in Ireland check out: Narrative4

Launch of New Website

Well, this feels like a new beginning! A brand new website with a contemporary feel that I am really happy with.

With all the disruption to working life that the lockdown has brought, it has given me the gift of time to develop and grow other areas of my work that I would normally be trying to squeeze time to get to. The website being one of them.

Thanks to the very generous grant assistance from the Local Enterprise Office, and to Richard from Am heading into 2021 with a virtual spring in my step!