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Artist Statement:

What do you see? I am firstly an observer, and this is always the beginning of my process. The taking up of space, the shift in movement, the transformation through light, these elements invite me to engage with them. As I work I consider the human story and it’s relationship to my subject matter. For me, there is always a relationship, and it is that that I seek out.

What do I want to say with my art? Look for the connection, feel it, be part of it. Witness our shared stories, our humanity.

Nathalie El Baba

I am a visual artist and experienced facilitator, based close to the small town of Scariff in County Clare. My studio is in a peaceful location amongst the rolling hills East Clare is famous for and looking out towards the Slieve Bearnagh mountain range. This rural place has been my home for many years and has provided me with many opportunities to connect with both the landscape and the communities here in the west of Ireland.

I work with themes of migration and connection, reflective of my own journey – my family left Lebanon when I was a young child during the civil war – but also reflective of the many stories of movement across lands from the people I have met.

Within Ireland so many have a strong emotional connection to place; the bog, the coast, the hills. I am fascinated by this sense of rootedness, contrasted against the constant movement of the sky. Where do we see ourselves belonging? Do those who have known migration ever belong to place? My work explores the narratives of both our internal and external landscapes.

My career has encompassed years working as an art tutor within adult education, and an arts facilitator in community settings with people of all ages and abilities. I love the energy of working with groups, and am passionate about breaking down barriers and making art experiences accessible.

I hold a B.A. in Art and Design from GMIT, an NYCI Certificate in Youths Art from NUI Maynooth, a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Cyprus College of Art, and am a certified Story Exchange Facilitator trained by Narrative 4.

I am also a founding member of Art in Studios, East Clare artist studio trail, and a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland. My work has been exhibited throughout Ireland in both group and solo shows, as well as being in private collections.