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Community Arts is artistic activity based in a community setting. It involves access and participation, identified by interaction or dialogue with a community, and collaboration often between a professional artist and people who may not otherwise engage in the arts. It can challenge the boundaries that enforce exclusion from the arts by bringing art making and accessibility into the heart of community settings. 

Projects of this kind can give voice and expression to the identity of an area or a particular group within it. By its nature it promotes inclusivity and  ownership, both within the process, and the work created. Participants bring their skills, life experience and ideas, and work is developed through collaboration. 

My involvement in Community Arts has been reflected in my belief that art is for everyone. That it is a common language that we can all use to express ourselves, start conversations, explore and challenge ideas, and share purpose and connection with others despite our differences. I have found without fail, that once the door to accessing the arts is opened, energy and creativity is ignited.

To enquire about Community Arts facilitation please contact me.